Welcome to Bell Gardens Ltd, Landscape Contractors, Worthing, West Sussex

Established in 1957, BELL Gardens Ltd has been at the forefront of landscaping and garden construction throughout East and West Sussex for over 50 years.

Bell Gardens Ltd is a founder member of the British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) as well as a member of the Horticultural Trades Association and the Affiliated Association of Professional Landscapers. These associations promote excellence within the industry and APL comes with TrustMark status.

Bell Gardens Ltd employs qualified and long experienced staff to carry out all landscape gardening in Sussex, with new staff intake being apprenticed and attending a regular local college course at  Brinsbury, Pulborough in Sussex.

Including Garden design throughout East and West Sussex and undertaking contracts of between £2000 and £50,000, Bell Gardens Ltd has a wide range of experience and skills beyond the basic landscape gardening disciplines. We specialise in building new gardens, as well as refurbishing established gardens where nature has taken over. A scaled plan allows for phasing the construction if necessary.

Our landscape gardening services include:

Paving and Drives

Gardens and Lawns

Walls & Rock

Flower and Vegetable Gardens


Paving and Drives Worthing, West Sussex

Paving in proportion to the garden does not need to be ostentatious. One can seldom go wrong with natural stone and muted coloured concrete paving is often very practical especially when finished with a clay brick edge. New legislation for drives means planning permission is needed where suitable drainage is not created to stop water being discharged into the road. Our approach to drives is in the context of the whole front garden. For roadside appeal and to create an attractive drive it needs to be integrated into the complete area. The cost of redesigning the garden is often minimal as it often facilitates the construction of the drive. Get a quote

Gardens and Lawns Worthing, West Sussex

Bell Gardens of Worthing, Sussex have constructed complete gardens for over 50 years. A lawn with shrub and flower borders are traditionally English whereas a scree gravel surface with exotic palms create a mediterranean atmosphere which has become more common recently with the milder winters.

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Walls and Rock Worthing, West Sussex

A wall is often necessary where there are level changes or to create privacy. As landscape gardeners we regard a wall not only for the brick or natural stone module, but also for the opportunity to plant beside for shelter or support. Current trends with the revived interest in green walls and growing edible produce means that a south facing wall is ideal for apricots and peaches with the east and west aspect for berries.

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Flower and Vegetable Gardens Worthing, West Sussex

Bell Gardens, based in Worthing, Sussex have been involved with the establishment of a number of vegetable and salad gardens as integral areas within larger garden schemes and laterly the re-establishment of the walled vegetable and flower gardens at Arundel castle. The recent interest in edible gardens is a wonderful reawakening for real gardening traditions.

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Pergolas Worthing, West Sussex

Water always brings balance to a garden. To encourage dragonflies and have fish is a pleasing pursuit. The combination of rock and water planted with trailing saxifrages, helianthenums and hebes to name only a few is a joy on a spring morning or late summer evening. Constructed pergolas also bring a further dimension to the garden. A vehicle for growing climbing plants that can eventually create a shaded area perfumed with jasmine in the height of summer.

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